Rachel and Barry Farber was surpose to be married before The Pilot was shown in late 1990,s

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1st episode where she shows her ring is in the flashback and later The one what could have happened

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she and Barry contuine their affair after the one where the monkey gets away as seen in the one in the evil dentist he later ditched her and fell in bed with the young Mindy in part 2 later she appeared in The one with the birth and try to chat up the doctor and later found Barry in bed with Mindy in Season but later wanted her back in Season 1 she then found love with RUss and went between Ross and Julie until Season 4 she dated Josh to get back at him she decided she still loved Ross in Season 5 and ended up getting married in Season 6 she later dumped him to go to paris to Find Melissa her real love they are now married

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