Ross Geller is Monica's brother, and always was their (Jewish) father Jack and mother Judy's favorite, as Monica was


horribly fat and silly, he a fairly lovable nerd. The rivalry between the siblings always remains, so deep-rooted it easily tempts them to obsessive competition, although they have grown together quite tight. Ross made his hobby into his job which he excells at, becoming a professional paleontologist ('Dino-gay' in Joey, Rachel and Phoebe's simplistic terms), yet only Chandler, who was his college roommate, has any respect for his academic achievement, while once he became a professor his students respect isn't quite a given either, and his incurable clumsiness all but helps. His lovelife is tumultuous, several times he gets married, and soon heads for divorce; only his first wife, who turns out to be a lesbian and runs off with another woman, the incarnation of Ross' humiliation, gives him a lovely son, Ben, for whose sake they are forced to find a three-way modus vivendi. he as recently moved in his apartment in Season 5 he is also known as the cute boy and loves things to do with Dinosaurs in many episodes

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