aka Gokan, Brokan.

The one Maker
  • I live in A Tv
  • I am Whatever the gender is on this planet.
  • Gokan1603

    Simply vote for whoever you want, as long as they are on this wiki.

    You get 2 votes and 1 honorable mention (worth half a vote) .(You cannot vote for Phierb as he was the previous Wikian of the month)

    The winner will be displayed with the previous winners and be interviewed, and also be allowed to keep their mod rights for eternity..


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  • Gokan1603

    Emote requests.

    July 22, 2012 by Gokan1603

    Want a new emote for chat? Gokan (me), Phierb, Omega and Alfa will get them for you!

    If possible link them if not we'll try our best to find them.

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  • Gokan1603

    Wikian of da month!

    July 21, 2012 by Gokan1603

    Wikian of the month! Who's it gonna be?!

    2 Votes each and no voting for yourself!

    Winner gets to be a mod! (If you're already a mod then and admin).


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